What is this?

“Schwarz Rot Gold” (translates to black, red, gold) portraits ten Black Germans and speaks to them about the past, present and future of German identity and racism. We strive to help educate about racism in Germany and present idols for young people.

Who are we?

“Schwarz Rot Gold” is produced by Jermain Raffington (journalist) und Laurel Raffington (psychologist). The project is motivated by Jermain’s personal experience of growing up as a Black person in Germany as well as Laurel and Jermain’s dream of raising their children in a tolerant, open-minded Germany.

Who supports us?

We receive financial support from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and collaborate with the Initiative Black People in Germany. “Schwarz Rot Gold” relies on the predominantly non-profit support offered by young creatives from Berlin (see Team).

Since when does Schwarz Rot Gold exist?

Season One of Scbwarz Rot Gold was published in April 2015.

Suggestions & enquiries?

Please feel free to contact us with your press questions by emailing hello@schwarzrotgold.tv

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